scuba diving Dive Planner lite

This application automatically calculates a diving plan.

scuba diving Dive Planner lite

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1.Calculation of the single dive.
2.Calculation of the multilevel dive.(Only as for the pay)
3.Calculation of the surface interval.
4.Logbook function(I can save it to five cases by the trial version)

The calculation is possible with meter, both feet. Please change it in a setting window.

The calculation of the single depth inputs depth at the date and time, diving start time, diving end time, and, please push the calculation button.

The multilevel diving inputs date and time and diving start time and diving end time and depth 1 and 2 and time 1 and 2.

The surface interval inputs depth, diving time, and, please push the calculation button.

This application is made for the purpose of assistance to perform scuba diving.
It is not a thing guaranteeing absolute security.

For every damage by having used this application, the producer does not get the responsibility. Please use it in one’s responsibility.

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