Flame and smoke simulation with eevee in Blender 2.83



Flame and smoke simulation with eevee in Blender 2.83

sample fire.zip




 初期設定ではレンダリングモードでは赤い炎は白い煙のように表現されるので、shadingの項目からprincipled volume の blackbody intensityを1にすると炎が赤く表現される。

It can be created by creating a sphere and selecting Quick Effects → Smoke from the object.

At this time, a cube appears around the sphere. Within this cube the flame is simulated.

 Basic settings are made on the cube side. (It is not a sphere with flames)

By default, the red flame is rendered like white smoke in the rendering mode, so if you set the black body intensity of the principal volume to 1 in the shading item, the flame will be rendered red.

 2.83では設定項目からbakeの項目が消滅しているが、physics propertyのキャッシュのタイプがデフォルトではリプレイになっているのが原因である。これをモジュラーかファイナルにするとbekeの項目が一応出現する。


 In 2.83, the item of bake disappears from the setting items, but this is because the cache type of physics property is replay by default. If this is modular or final, the item of beke appears for the time being.

For the time being, if you play around here, the flame will not come out for some reason. It is unknown whether it is a malfunction or whether other settings are required.


 初期設定では、炎と煙はろうそくの火のような感じであるが、「physics property」のノイズにチェックを入れると多少それっぽい炎になる。


 With the default replay, it seems that a bake file is created arbitrarily, so it may be better not to mess with it. Even in a replay, it may be capricious and you may not be able to simulate it.

 In the default setting, flame and smoke are like a candle fire, but if you check the noise of “physics property”, it will be somewhat like that.

 When changing the color of flame, shading requires attributes, color ramp, light emission, and mathematical formula. See the sample for how to connect.